Welcome to Visitation!

We hope your visit to our facility will be a positive experience for you and your loved ones.
One of the main goals of Boyd Detention is to provide you with the  

opportunity to visit your loved ones in a safe, clean and friendly environment.



In accordance with KRS 520.050 any person who knowingly introduces dangerous contraband into a detention facility or a penitentiary may be charged with Promoting Contraband in the 1st degree which is a Class D Felony. This charge provides for fines and up to five (5) years imprisonment for anyone convicted of bringing contraband, such as a firearm, liquor or drugs, into a prison or for anyone convicted of providing an inmate with a weapon, tool or any implement of escape.   Please do not violate your visiting privileges by bringing unauthorized matter with you.

Any violation of the visiting rules and regulations may result in the termination, suspension, or loss of your visiting privileges.


The Deputies working at this facility are here to assist you in many ways. We will provide you with instructions and process your request according to the visiting procedures.  As a visitor, we expect you to become familiar with the visiting rules and regulations of this facility and pass them on to other visitors. The rules and regulations are posted and periodically updated. We expect you to follow the rules and regulations of this facility and to cooperate with staff at all times.


  • Visitation at BCDC Is Thursday and Saturday,

  • BCDC employs a scheduled visitation to fit your needs.

  • All visits are scheduled by the inmates prior to speaking with family and friends, then a schedule is posted on BCDC web every Wednesday night.

  • One 20 minute visit per inmate per week.

    The amount of persons to visit is limited due to the visitation space and the respect of other people visiting. Children are allowed, as long as they are under control and supervised by a parent or legal guardian. All visitors must wear shirts and shoes, and clothing that is suitable for street wear. swimsuits, see-through tops, etc., are not permitted.


Inmates at Boyd County Detention are allowed to have, as follows: Cash or money orders left before 4PM Tuesday, NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Money Orders can be mailed to the detention center in the inmates name only. Any money left after 4PM will go on the next weeks commissary account.


Medications need to be left during the day while a nurse is available to collect the medications..

No under clothes are accepted anymore at the Detention

Center, these are to be purchased through commissary.